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About Me


In the words of the song 'Music was my first love' and that started when I was around four or five years old. Fuelled by some early piano lessons then accordian lessons when I joined the school band, I was never far from a musical instrument of some sort. This was usually a keyboard, although I have experimented with zither, guitar and tin whistle.

Later, I developed other hobbies, and music went onto the back burner from time to time, but never was completely forgotten. My interests have always been very 'hands-on', such as car mechanics, carpentry, electronics, but as tools and materials got ever more expensive and techniques more complicated these hobbies have fallen away to a great extent and I am back with music.

I now have equipment that enables me to realise ideas that I could only faintly imagine all those years ago when I started. I can have an orchestra as small or as large as I like, invent my own instruments and make clean crisp recordings. Having said that, I've recently picked up the guitar again but it will be a long time before I reach a standard I'm happy with!

The environment is amongst my other interests and I have been a supporter of a number of such organisations for over 30 years. I also like to read a lot, mostly science fiction/fantasy and comedy, with a few short stories thrown in as well. My favourite authors are, Issac Azimov for 'hard' SciFi, Ann McCaffery for fantasy and Terry Pratchet for comedy.